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February 1st, 2020

A setting of the Eastern Orthodox Vespers
in the style of African-American gospel music.

The Event

This Event is Sold Out!

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This Event is Sold Out!

On Saturday, February 1, 2020, more than 300 people came together to witness an emotional reimagining of Orthodox liturgical music. In addition to those in attendance, people from 46 States and 23 Countries have watched the stream. And more people every day continue to watch the performance. Click here to see a map of Live Stream Video Viewership.


How Sweet the Sound - Live Stream Views: USA

In addition, the Live Stream of "How Sweet the Sound" was viewed worldwide by viewers in the following countries: Canada, Albania, Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, and the United Kingdom

The event was called How Sweet the Sound and its focus was what can a musical style from one Christian tradition reveal about another? What can we learn about one another through musical collaboration and experimentation? And how can music help us build bridges across communities?

How Sweet the Sound addressed these questions by showcasing a newly composed setting of an Orthodox Vespers in the style of black gospel music, written by Dr. Shawn Wallace, Associate Professor of Jazz Studies and Orthodox practitioner. Drawing on familiar tunes from both black gospel and Orthodox musical settings, this setting will highlight the sometimes unacknowledged connections between these traditions and reveal our commonalities as Christians.

Expert performers in the black gospel tradition joined two excellent speakers who contextualized the performance. Fr. Moses Berry is a priest in the Orthodox Church of America, who specializes in the connections between African Orthodoxy and the African-American experience. Dr. Peter Bouteneff is the Professor of Systematic Theology at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, and much of his work explores the expanding and flexible role of music in Orthodox Liturgy.

How Sweet the Sound showcased the power of music to create unity and dialogue across traditions.

Click Here to download the program from the event.

Re-Watch the Event: Live Stream Video

The How Sweet the Sound event was live streamed on February 1, 2020. You can re-watch the full event live stream, below

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Enjoy some photos from the "How Sweet the Sound" event!

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